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November 2012

Holden the Golden Mole welcomes the winners of the Conservation Destination sweepstakes

Rob and Natasha, the winners of the Conservation Destination sweepstakes organised by the Namibian Tourism Board, visited Holden the Golden Mole at his home, NaDEET. Together with the schoolchildren of JR Camm and Jacob Soul primary schools they took part in some of our environmental education programme activities such as astronomy, scorpion hunting, dune walk, recycled firebricks and solar cooking.
“NaDEET is a perfect place to fulfil both our passions!” commented the Canadian couple, being intercultural communication and exchange for Natasha and conservation for Rob.

October 2012

Sustainable Energy 4 All!

We all depend on energy but currently energy is not universally accessible to everyone: renewable or non-renewable, energy sources need be converted through technology to be used. Many countries, though, cannot afford these technologies. 2012 was declared as the United Nations International Year of Sustainable Energy for All. All can do their share towards sustainable energy for all! How? Use energy produced from renewable sources and make energy-efficient choices in your everyday life.
You'll find these themes and many other interesting facts about sustainable energy in the new issue of the Bush Telegraph. Download PDF here.

October 2012

“What is the first thing you’ll cook on your new solar cooker, Linda?” “Meat!”

On a two-day long outreach, four NaDEET staff members visited the communities of Klein Aub, Uibes and Maltahöhe to deliver solar cookers to the participants from NaDEET’s programme in August and September. After a short demo on assembly and usage, excited community members headed home with their new solar cookers which they earned through our new voucher programme! Read more in our upcoming newsletter.

September 2012

Horseshoe and back: a day-long hike on the reserve

Tired but enthusiastic the mixed German and Namibian youth group takes a picture-break to preserve this special day. As part of a partnership between the church of Braunschweig (Germany) and the ELCIN (Evangelical Lutheran Church in Namibia) some of the members of both youth groups in Germany and in Namibia have the unique chance to visit the respective countries. For the past three weeks the youth group from Germany has travelled around Namibia and they stopped off at NaDEET to experience the beauty of the Namib Desert and to learn about sustainable living together with their fellows Namibians!
“It’s been a great trip, thanks NaDEET, thanks Namibia, thanks Germany!”

August 2012

Full immersion in Namibian nature and culture for Freundschaft mit NaDEET!

“Please, come on in…” A smiling and welcoming Fredericka invites the 20 German tourists standing in front of her house to go inside. “It’s surprising the way they welcomed us, perfect strangers to them, to go in their houses” the enthusiastic comment of one of the members of Freundschaft mit NaDEET when they visited the Maltahöhe community group with NaDEET staff. The community members proudly showed their guests what they learned during their week at NaDEET Centre and put into practice in their everyday life. An enriching experience for our visitors from Germany: a concrete example of the results of NaDEET’s work and of Namibian culture…

August 2012

And the winner is...

It’s Friday morning. After a full-immersion week in various activities to learn how to live sustainably at NaDEET Centre, everyone is ready to go. No wait, where is everyone? There they are all the members of the Maltahöhe community group, gathered to discover the name of the winner of the brand new bucket shower built - a simple, low cost design to save water. NaDEET staff member Elizabeth has just picked the piece of paper which will reveal the winner, the tension is high… Congratulations, Christof, you’re the lucky one!

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