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NaDEET is the educational core of Africa’s first International Dark Sky Reserve
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Learning and Living

for a Sustainable Future!


October 2014

I slept in the dark last night, but now all my problems have been solved!

These remarks were made by our Gochas Community Liaison Officer, Berend Velskoen after he was awarded a SUN KING PRO solar light.  Having gone through the project for 9 months now, it is evident that participants are very keen to change their lifestyles to more sustainable practices and these lights are one the many benefits participants gains through the 2014-2016 European Union  funded action, ‘RUG for Sustainability’.

September 2014

Community - Be a True Member!

Often people make assumptions of how other people are based on their gender, race, culture etc! What stereotypes do you have? Take a stereotype quiz on page 10 in our latest Bush Telegraph to find out! This issue on Community explores how we can learn from our environment to become a better community member by working together.

August 2014

RUG Youth Groups at NaDEET

The month of August was very eventful for the NaDEET Centre team. For the first time ever, the Centre hosted three youth groups from the communities of Rietoog, Uibes and Gochas. The groups were a part of NaDEET’s EU-funded “RUG for Sustainability” project. The programme included activities from secondary and primary programmes, but also featured new activities focused on solar energy and community projects. At the Environmental Talent Show, the youth showcased their homemade recycled handicrafts. Some of our favourites included a Nama doll made of scrap material, a tree with pantyhose branches and plastic bag leaves, and a slingshot made of recycled rubber. We look forward to seeing the youth participants again when we return to the communities at the end of September.

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Who is NaDEET?

Registered in Namibia as a non-profit trust, NaDEET is a vibrant environmental education organisation. At the core of NaDEET’s programmes is our environmental education centre located on the NamibRand Nature Reserve. Children and adult participants learn first-hand about sustainable living, biodiversity and the balance between humans and the environment. Our environmental literacy and outreach programmes complement the Centre’s activities and expand its reach nationwide. Since 2014, NaDEET has a small head office in Swakopmund. 


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"Everything was so good and now I know how to save water" NaDEET learners

We need your support. Give Namibians a chance to live a sustainable lifestyle:

  • One child for one week programme: N$800 (€67, US$80)
  • One adult for one week programme: N$1200 (€100, US$120)
  • Sustainable living equipment (e.g. parabolic solar cookers): N$500-2,500 (€42-210, US$50-250)

What is sustainable living?

Sustainable living enables us to:

  • balance the social, political and environmental aspects of our existence
  • improve our quality of life
  • share responsibility in managing the Earth’s resources
  • save money!

Women solar cooking traditional food

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