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Learning and Living

for a Sustainable Future!

About us

"The best thing at NaDEET was to learn about the many different ways to use solar cookers" The Namib Desert Environmental Education Trust (NaDEET) is a non-profit, Namibian trust established in 2003. It is located 100 km south of Sesriem/Sossusvlei on the NamibRand Nature Reserve. NaDEET believes environmental education must not only increase awareness and knowledge but also eco-friendly attitudes and skills in Namibia's youth and educators to promote participation.

NaDEET Objective

To provide environmental education for Namibians, regardless of income, by:

  • addressing relevant environmental issues through hands-on, experiential learning.
  • supporting the Namibian school curricula in a practical, learner-centred way.
  • providing the opportunity of experiencing the county's namesake - the Namib Desert - first hand, thus creating a sense of respect and responsibility for their natural environment.

NaDEET Projects

  • Environmental Education at NaDEET  Cen tre
    We offer three to five day hands-on, experiential, environmental education programmes for Namibians. Most of our programmes are attended by primary school children. However we also offer courses to secondary schools, out-of-school youth, educators and community members.
  • Environmental Literacy Projects
    The main NaDEET literacy project is a youth magazine available at no cost to all learners, educators and interested citizens in Namibia, called the Bush Telegraph. Approximately 15,000 learners and educators are currently subscribed. It aims to increase knowledge of and improve attitudes towards our environment through reading. This project is complemented by our new "It's Time to ..." activity book and guide book series.
  • Student Internships
    Since 2004, we have been hosting nature conservation students from the Polytechnic of Namibia for a period of four to six months for practical, hands-on experience in outdoor teaching, programme planning, Centre logistics and activity development. This programme has been very successful in improving local capacity to teach environmental education. Several of our past interns are now working for the Namibian Ministry of Environment and Tourism in the environmental education department. Visit our Student Inter nships page to learn more.


Head Office
Physical address: 3 Antonius Garden, Nathaniel Maxuilili Street, Swakopmund
Tel: +264 (0)81 367 5310 - Fax-to-email: +264 (0)88 655 2669

Postal address
P.O. Box 31017 Pioniers Park, Namibia

NaDEET Center - NamibRand Nature Reserve - Maltahöhe
Tel: +264 (0)63 - 693012 - Fax: +264 (0)63 - 693013

Trust Certificate No : T168/2003

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