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December 2013

What do you want to be when you grow up?

This is a question that allIt's time to work cover young people are asked and often ask themselves. Providing career guidance is very important to help young people match their skills and interests with potential jobs. NaDEET’s latest booklet in our It’s Time to… sustainable living series is for secondary school and out-of-school youth. Entitled It’s Time to Work- A decision-making and career guide to technical and vocational training for a green economy it gives general career guidance and focuses on careers in the technical and vocational sector. Importantly it connects traditional jobs such as electrical or plumbing work with the sustainable development of the economy. It was sponsored by UNESCO under its theme “Greening TVET”.

NaDEET’s Director recently introduced the booklet at a UNESCO Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Regional Forum in Stellenbosch, South Africa. The booklet will be officially launched and distributed in Namibia early 2014.

November 2013

Heat, Dust & Dream – a song for NaDEET

Over the years, NaDEET’s supporters have found many different and creative ways to spread the word about NaDEET and its work.  When Anne Maree, an Australian volunteer returned home, she wrote and recorded a song for NaDEET with local Sydney band, inTransit.  Adding some photographs and video taken by a German GIZ volunteer, Nick Heinke and herself, inTransit presented us with a video to celebrate NaDEET’s 10th anniversary highlighting the people, the land and the mission to educate Namibian people to live sustainably.  The title, Heat, Dust and Dreams, was inspired by a book by Mary Rice and Craig Gibson published in 2001 which explores the people and environment of Namibia through the lens of inevitable change.  We’re not sure how many NGO’s have their own song but you can check it out NaDEET’s on youtube at

November 2013

Solar cooking in the Kavango!

Thank you to NaDEET and the EU for giving people a chance to learn about using the sun that is given to us by God to cook our food and live in more sustainable way’. These were the remarks by the regional councillor of Ndiyana Constituency Hildegard Mungunda after attending the NaDEET workshop at Shinyungwe Youth Centre. Solar cooking was not a concept that people knew in the seven communities from Mile 20 to Divundu that NaDEET visited on our outreach trip to the Kavango East Region. With support from the Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET), the aim of the trip to introduce household sustainable living practices in this part of the country was fulfilled. Over 100 individuals in the Region now have access to solar cookers which hopefully makes life easier and more sustainable.

October 2013

It’s More than Just Food!

“Sustainable food systems for food security and nutrition”, was the focus of the World Food Day (16 October 2013). To celebrate, NaDEET launched a new issue of the Bush Telegraph entitled ‘It’s More than Just Food’. This issue explores topics surrounding food including security, nutrition, waste and loss; it gives you tips on sustainable food systems and more. Download it  here and explore them further.

September 2013

It's Time to Grow reaches pre-primary school children

An excited group of 300 learners at the Dr WM Jod JPS in Gibeon were each given their own colourful environmental learning pack. The teachers were grateful to have individual copies for each of the learners of such a vibrant activity booklet. Another 20 pre-primary teachers participating in a regional workshop gave feedback to NaDEET on the usability of the booklet pack and received copies for their learners. In total 3700 pre-primary children will now receive Its Time to Grow.

August 2013

Reuse the positive things and attitudes...

“You taught us something new with the 3Rs! You taught us to reduce the negative attitudes, you taught us to reuse the positive things and attitudes and you taught us to recycle knowledge.  We thank you so very much.” This was the highlight of the closing speech given by Mr Basson from Tsumis Farm PS.  It was their first time coming to NaDEET Centre. Due to the school being very small with only 10 learners in Grade 6 they were combined with other schools, Witkop PS and Piet Diergaardt PS.

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