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August 2014

RUG Youth Groups at NaDEET

The month of August was very eventful for the NaDEET Centre team. For the first time ever, the Centre hosted three youth groups from the communities of Rietoog, Uibes and Gochas. The groups were a part of NaDEET’s EU-funded “RUG for Sustainability” project. The programme included activities from secondary and primary programmes, but also featured new activities focused on solar energy and community projects. At the Environmental Talent Show, the youth showcased their homemade recycled handicrafts. Some of our favourites included a Nama doll made of scrap material, a tree with pantyhose branches and plastic bag leaves, and a slingshot made of recycled rubber. We look forward to seeing the youth participants again when we return to the communities at the end of September.

July 2014

NaDEET Director Awarded Windhoek Conservation Ambassador Award

We are honoured that our Director, Viktoria Keding, won the 2014 Windhoek Lager Conservation Ambassador Award. The award, which honours people who make a difference in their community, consists of a cash prize for both Viktoria and a charity of her choice (oh, it will be hard to figure out what she will choose!)

Thank you to all who supported and casted votes for Viktoria and congratulations to the Ambassadors in the six other categories (pictured above).

July 2014

Energy Efficiency Workshop for Young and Old

NaDEET teamed up with the Swakopmund Municipality to provide a workshop for representatives (aged 12-18) from 9 different Swakopmund area schools. The workshop was a part of the Municipality’s ongoing “Education for Sustainable Development” campaign made possible through its partnership with The City of Malmö, Sweden.  The 90 minute lesson started off with an introduction to energy and the “ability to do work.” Learners were prompted to think about the different types of energy sources available to them, and how they relate to “Sustainable Energy 4 ALL,” the UN campaign to improve access, and support renewable and efficient technologies in developing countries. During the Exploring Light Bulbs experiment, a crowd favourite, learners compared the heat output of an incandescent, LED, and compact fluorescent bulb to measure efficiency. To hear feedback from the participants click here

June 2014

Explore4Knowledge declares ‘NaDEET an Educational Sanctuary’

‘So I have been considering different ways to try and share my experiences at NaDEET with you. To tell you the truth, putting pen to paper about this project simply uplifts my soul an excites me to the extent that I no longer know what to write so I will describe a few activities which I was able to participate in to you and hopefully through my descriptions, images and film you can understand the magic one experiences at NaDEET’. Read about John Lukas’ (founder of Explore 4 Knowledge) experiences at NaDEET. For more also visit their website Explore4Knowledge and Facebook page.

April 2014

Building sustainable living education and practices in communities

Teaching environmental education in a sustainable setting makes it easier for people to want to ‘follow suit’. But do they have the capability to do so when they are back home? NaDEET received another grant from the European Union to support an action ‘Building Sustainable Living Education and Practices in Communities through an Integrated School-centred Approach’ in three schools and their immediate communities in the Hardap Region. These are WJD Cloete JSS in Rietoog, N. Mutschuana PS in Gochas and Edward Frederick PS in Uibes. They will work closely with NaDEET to become leaders in their Region by integrating environmental learning and action taking at all ages to create  sustainable communities.  This project was officially launched on 26 March 2014 in Mariental.

March 2014

NaDEET Centre welcomes new staff and schoolchildren!

Principal Plaatjies returned to NaDEET for the third time with his schoolchildren. Coming from a very small remote school, a NaDEET Centre programme for these children is a once in a lifetime opportunity. We welcome our new Centre Manager Rosemarie and her assistants Martha and Rosina!

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