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October 2011

NaDEET Launches New Website

Learners' Dune ArtWelcome to NaDEET’s revamped and updated website.  We always love hearing from people who have attended the NaDEET programme or who support us from afar so please go ahead and leave a message in the Guestbook. 
We’ll keep you up-to-date with all our news and initiatives and, as always, appreciate your continuing support.

September 2011

Mariental PS - First Visit to NaDEET

Thirty-five excited learners and 3 teachers from Mariental Primary School attended the NaDEET sustainable living programme for the first time. 

The team were great ambassadors for their school and fully immersed themselves in all the activities including presenting some fantastic enviro-dramas.  Learners worked in teams to solar cook their meals each day and really enjoyed living and learning to live sustainably.


September 2011

365 Trees Project – Only 143 trees to go!

In September, NaDEET headed out to Edward Fredericks PS in Uibis and then to Gibeon PS and Mariental for our 365 Trees Project.  We planted 87 trees in school grounds and residents’ houses.

We were greeted enthusiastically by learners and residents who helped us find the best locations and watered the indigenous seedlings to give them a good start.  It was thirsty work, but well worth the effort.  

4 August 2011

Youth deliberate Climate Change and learn about NaDEET

Over 250 youth met in Windhoek at the Habitat Research and Development Centre (HRDC) to discuss an action programme to address climate change. The Honourable Minister of Environment and Tourism opened the meeting with a “fiery” talk to motivate the youth to be creative and become part of the solution instead of the problem. NaDEET was key facilitator and led various workshops for youth. We also had a well-visited solar cooking stand at the conference.

23 June 2011

Happy 10th Birthday Bush Telegraph!

Bush Telegraph birthday editionForests for People, People for Forests celebrates the UN International Year of Forests 2011 and marks the 10 year anniversary of the Bush Telegraph. To celebrate and in honour of trees, this issue is printed on recycled paper*. It starts off by giving an overview of why we need forests and why forests need our help. The Bush Telegraph then explores different institutions “Taking Action” for forests and trees. This includes the UN World Heritage Forest Programme, the Namibian Directorate of Forestry and NaDEET’s own 365 Trees Project. Most Namibians have never seen a forest as Namibia is the driest country in sub-Saharan Africa and hardly has any forests. This issue aims to bring attention to our dependence on forests regardless of where they are located on Earth and the significance of every single tree. Download a PDF here.
*Why aren’t all Bush Telegraphs printed on recycled paper? Ironically, recycled paper in Namibia costs significantly more than regular paper and with our limited budget we cannot afford it. We currently print 18,000 copies with a per copy cost of N$2.50 (US$0.35, €0.25).

23 June 2011

NaDEET's Director becomes a Namibian Climate Change Adaptation Ambassador

On the 16th of June, eighty-one Climate Change Ambassadors graduated at a Gala Dinner at the newly opened Hilton Hotel in Windhoek. The Gala Dinner was attended by senior government officials, representatives of UNDP, media and participants of the Climate Change Adaptation Ambassadors programme. Funded by the Government of Japan, this programme aimed to identify and train key stakeholders and decision-makers from all spectrums of society in regards to climate change adaptation and mitigation. NaDEET’s Director, Viktoria Keding, was given the honour to give the closing remarks and vote of thanks on behalf of all ambassadors. During her speech she said,
“As soon as this evening is finished is when the true challenge begins…Climate change adaptation and mitigation measures, including the continuation of the Ambassadors Programme, are not actually things that are to be treated separately, but rather must be mainstreamed into our existing focal areas and activities. As we say at NaDEET Centre, let us not only tell others how to “adapt and mitigate”, but rather let us be role models and lead the way by practicing sustainable living. I have recently learned from the Honourable Minister of Environment and Tourism that her 91 year old mother is already adapting as she actually prefers her meat solar cooked!”

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