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This is the NaDEET Guestbook.  We would love to hear from you, so please send us your message or your photos on how you are living a sustainable lifestyle.

On 21 Mar 2014 cookieface said:


Nadeet was amazing I learnt so many things that will help me today an in the future. I went last year with my school DHPS im part of the English class and it was amazing. the organisiation of NADEET is great. I wish many more great years for nadeet!!! and Martha and carly you guys rockkkkkkk!!!!!
On 25 Oct 2013 MONIKA said:


On 07 Sep 2013 Jandri de Lange said:


Hello, I'm from Private School Elnatan, we visted NaDEET from 2nd-6 September 2013, well it was my birthday on the 5th and I enjoyed it very much.. I'm very glad I've had a chance to go there, I'll realy try and make a diffrence in the world and if our oven break again I'll definitly buy I solar oven.. hehe.. I want to thank Vilho and Toby for guiding us.. And happy 10th anniversary..! May you Make a big diffrence in the world.. Oo and you bread recipe is sooooo great.. :) #Jandri
On 23 Aug 2013 monika ulitala ... said:


the NaDeet centre experience was amazing. warm hospital caring people. thank you for the knowledge you sowed in us . hope it will put into practice ad share it with others . lets move towards a generation of sustainable living. Thank you Ousie ELIZABETH FOR THE AWESOME FOOD .my family says i added 5 kg . keep it up you guys are doing good.
On 06 Mar 2013 Kolja said:

Annual Report

Hey NaDEET! congratulations to another successful year and the tenth anniversary! It made me happy to read how NaDEET is growing and doing well! Keep it up! Kolja
On 22 Dec 2012 Roland S. Mushi said:


Am very much excited on what you are doing to the community, i wish i can have a chance of visiting you there and learn a thing or two.
On 12 Mar 2012 Dylan Clayton said:

Thank You, From the Grade 8's of St George's

Thanks alot for showing us how important it is to preserve our environment, and also for all the laughs and fine time. I'm sure all of us has an EXCELLENT experience there at NaDEET and I plan on visiting again in the near future :)
On 06 Dec 2011 Jonas Hausiku said:

Missed you NaDEET

After such a wonderful stay at NaDEET, memories still come about all the nice activities I was envolved in. Would love to come and visit again when time permits. Viktoria, Andreas, Elizabeth and the Whole NaDEET family. keep up the good work.
On 25 Oct 2011 lea und lena said:


hello NaDEET!!! we are from germany and our friend has got a brother at NaDEET. His name is Nick. Your project is very nice and intresting. yours lea and lena
On 21 Oct 2011 Renate Paulick said:

New Website

Congratulations, Olaf! Working on and improving the NaDEET website was a job well done. The new website is really great. I always try to look at it on a regular basis, like once a month. I enjoy reading the latest news and I love to see the videos and the new active sights. A big cheer to Viktoria, Andreas and the whole staff for working so hard and being successful in improving NaDEET more and more. Keep up the great work!
On 18 Oct 2011 Holger Keding said:


Hi Guys, the new website is fantastic. Keep up the good work! Greetings from Germany
On 17 Oct 2011 Pete said:

An Amazing Insight

What a great insight to all the programs and work that is occurring in NaDETT. To everyone that has volunteered their time, you have done a fantastic job and giving yourself to support the people in Namibia.
On 14 Oct 2011 Wulf Paulick said:

Great website, very

Great website, very informative, very transparent, very comprehensive, no place to hide! I hope that many people will look at it and become convinced that NaDEET is a worthy cause which they should support with their donations, not only their hearts! Good luck to the whole team!
On 12 Oct 2011 Sam said:

looks great!

Hi there, your new website looks great and can be used intuitively! Congrats! I'll make some minor improvement suggestions via mail. Keep going, cheers Sam
On 12 Oct 2011 Patrick Paulick said:

Website looks great!

Hey, the new site looks great! Congrats Olaf and all of NaDEET! Now you just need to establish that Facebook presence, ;o)
On 11 Oct 2011 Elissa said:

New site looks great!

Hi, NaDEET!!! The new website looks wonderful -- very sleek and user-friendly. All of my best wishes sent out to the NaDEET team in the sand dunes!
On 11 Oct 2011 Cynthia Gabriel said:

Always Inspiring!

It's always inspiring to visit Namibia and NaDEET virtually from my computer in Michigan, USA. I wish we could be there in person, but we are inspired to be ever more environmentally conscious here, where we live.
On 03 Oct 2011 K.I.Mohamed said:

Empowering to Protect Environment

We have our Environmental organization called
On 27 Sep 2011 lea,marie and k... said:


hello my name is marie from germany... we are have donated for your projekt... very fun and lucky... marie and her friends lea and keziban from GERMANY... IN LOVE,MAAAARIE KEEEEZIBAN and LEEAAA...

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